Forced Placed Blanket Fire Coverage: Coverage for real estate loans with lapsed property and casualty coverage or on foreclosed and REO properties.
Benefits of Coverage:
  • Improves control of exposure on real estate.
  • Requires no up-front costs or minimum premium.
  • Pays premium refunds if proof of coverage supplied.
  • Convenient billing system, monthly or annually.
  • Offers optional liability coverage.
  • Reduces insurance administration costs.
Flood Insurance: Flood insurance coverage for  real estate loans requiring flood coverage.
Benefits of coverage:
  • Offers forced placed options for loans requiring flood coverage.
  • Assists with compliance of flood insurance.
  • Offers optional flood determination services.
Mortgage Insurance:  Life, disability and accidental death coverage for mortgage loans.
Benefits of Coverage:
  • Offers very attractive rates to borrowers.
  • Provides fee income for the lender.
  • Provides additional security for the loan.
  • Offers marketing support and training to increase sales.
Credit Insurance: Life and disability insurance for consumer loans.
Benefits of coverage:
  • Provides fee income for lender.
  • Provides additional security for the loan.
  • Holds training seminars to increase sales.
  • Provides management information reports to aid decision making.
Lenders Single Interest (VSI):  Coverage for collateral that is repossessed and damaged.
Benefits of Coverage:
  • Saves time by reducing insurance administration costs.
  • Offers optional coverage to insure existing loans.
  • Offers "GAP" coverage on new car loans.
  • Requires no insurance tracking or follow-up.